Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept. 19, 2009

So tomorrow we leave for Asia and Natalie and I were able to find free internet, so I thought I'd try this thing out.
Estes Park has been really great. We've mostly just been doing orientation stuff, like "getting to know u" games, and health and safety talks, but at least they keep us busy. Driving up from the airport we saw the hotel where The Shining was filmed, so that was kind of a freaky surprise. I've officially met all other 6 people in my group, but the South America group is here too and they have 16 people, so we're having a lot of fun. We break up into specific "teams" a lot, but we're all together for the most part. I'm traveling with Natalie, 19 from San Fransisco, Calley, 18 from Minnesota, Eliza, 18 from Louisville, Jamie, 18 from Chicago, John, 20 from DC, and Lizzy, 20 from Brooklyn. We all get along really well so everything turned out really great. Our leaders are Casey and Ben, who is really cute but is dating Casey.
Yesterday we went on a hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park, which was exceptionally beautiful. It was a bout 3 miles round trip and went past 3 lakes. I hadn't taken any pictures, but on the way back we saw elk right up next to the road! I was really excited, cause I've never seen them before except in the Denver museum (but they're dead and stuffed so that doesn't really count). We saw 3 bucks and a bunch of mamas and babies. I haven't heard them "bugle" yet, but I'm gonna try and walk outside tonight to see if I can.
Its already been great, but I can't wait to leave and actually get started. Our plane to LAX leaves @ 8:30 tomorrow, so we have to be in the van by 4am. I'll get back on when I can!

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