Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ayutthaya; Oct. 8th to 9th

We got to Ayutthaya this morning at 4am. And I forgotto mention that at the end of our trek we rode on elephants! It was so much fun. Lizzy and I named our elephant Snorky because he liked to spray himself/us with the water(snorkel) in his trunk. We were going to have a boat tour tonight but since its the end of the rainy season the water is too choppy so we can't. Tomorrow we go to Ko Lao(sp?) for a week to build a community center. The island is supossedly just a slum, so it is pretty much garanteed to be interesting. After though,we go on "vacation" to Ko Chong for a couple of days where i should be able to update again. Here are some of my latest pictures:

 This is the resovoir where we went swiming in Mai Jo

This is Pe Mon's house. Right behind it is Pe Noy's house.

Me and Pe Mon at our Going Away Party.

Me getting my bracelet that "ties my soul to Mai Jo"

Everyone riding their elephants



  1. we might start calling Huck snorkel. did you carry your heavy pack on the trek? I love the pictures. I love you. Ma (Mony told us how to post a comment)

  2. I just found out today that Knox was born on Oct.3. I spoke with Andrea today and she said he was great. Jack misses you. so do I. love, Ma

  3. This sounds so fun! By the way don't judge me for my's for my english 101 class.

  4. Hey Harper I sure am missing you. Hope you're having fun. All animals are doing well. I've been traveling a lot lately, but not like you. Your trip sounds great. I can't wait till you get back home.
    Love Dad

  5. how's George? is he a curious little monkey?
    I love you and miss you...Chrissy is fine. She's fat, Ma