Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Jake? No Jake! Pull up your pants before you leave the bathroom!"

July 25-July 30
A couple of weeks ago I worked with our Little Explorers program. It lasted from 9-12 and we had 12, 4-6yr olds. It was tons of fun but also pretty exhausting. There were 9 boys and just 2 girls, which was perfect. All of the kids were adorable and hilarious, except for one girl named Madison. She cried all the fucking time, and not even for "legitimate" reasons. She cried if we were walking down a hill because she was "scared," she cried if we were standing too close to water. Her cousin, the other girl who was 4, was so much more fun and cuter, mostly because she never cried. This is why I must have all boys.
In the afternoons I just helped around with a few of the other programs and helped out in the office and kitchen. And my friend Sara's, who got knocked up at Rockfish last November, due date came and went with no baby.
I'm sure other things happened too, but I guess forgetting things is what I get for not updating my blog in a timely matter.

My Little Explorers at the outlet on our beach

Little Explorers on the boardwalk in the swamp
(Madison is the one in the pink hat)

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