Monday, May 30, 2011

Desert Rocks Music Festival

On Friday we went to a music festival in Moab, and lots happened.
Actually, I'm going to go take a shower before I write this because I'm having trouble thinking of words right now...


Where should I begin... Danny has a RV that we took up to camp in. The festival was Bonnaroo style, but way smaller. We got there, dropped off the RV and traded cars with the Brits so we could go to the store. The store was incredibly exciting, however I discovered that my debit card is no longer working, so even though I was in civilization I could not restock on anything. We also got 10 cases of beer that held 30 beer each. Once we returned to the festival we began to drink. We got very drunk. We headed to the music area maybe about 10 or 11. On the way there somebody decided to take a short-cut, which was directly down a cliff. My inner-mountain goat does not come forth when I am drunk. I ended up tripping and tumbled, literally head over heels, for a bit. I now have a 4in scrapey-scab thing on my left arm. The music was good, but it was a lot of reggae and jam band type stuff, so definitely not my favorite. We actually didn't stay for too long because Liz, one of the Brits, was incredibly trashed. Me and two others went back with her, and the walk that should've taken about 10minutes took 45. Then I went to sleep.
On Saturday I basically woke up and sat in the sun all day. Yes, I am sun burned. At this point its less of a burn than rather a dark red, leathery splotch all over my body. My freckles turned into almost browny-purple spots, so as you can imagine, I look pretty fucking good right about now.
Here is reason #5 why my Molly should've come with me, for if my Molly was here I would not have done molly. On the bright side I didn't smoke any pot this weekend, however I did smoke some Spirits. But anyways, the molly wasn't actually that bad and I quite enjoyed myself. It was similar to being drunk, but I was just very happy. Actually, I was already drunk so the effects of molly may be nothing like being drunk, but whatevs. Do I regret doing molly? No. I was apprehensive because I figure if I can't handle weed how the fuck am I supposed to handle anything considerably stronger? But I took the plunge and I was fine. We ended up staying until about 2 or 3. We made it over to the rave tent and sat on a cliff with an incredible over look for a while. Oh, and at the cliff I fell again and scraped my knee. As the night wore on it got colder and windier. By the time we walked back we were walking through a full on dust storm. It was cold, windy, and it sucked.
We got a late start home on Sunday and 3 of the 4 Brits left, which was a bit sad. However, on our way back to the ranch we stopped at this super weird petting zoo. The petting zoo was awesome, but around it there was just weird touristy stuff. oh, and it was all on the side of a giant rock formation. Thats important/why anybody goes there. But at the petting zoo I got to pet some cool deer thing, a bison, a watusi (the African cows with the giant horns), a camel, and an ostrich! Ostriches are super weird. They're heads move super strangely and it hurts when they eat cheerios from your hand.
Very soon after leaving the zoo, some part of the truck, which was pulling the RV, broke. The truck could still drive, but it wouldn't shift so the RPM was way high. At least, I think that was the problem. They used a lot of car part words I didn't understand. We made it back safely though. Once we were back i basically just went to bed.
I feel like something else happened too.
 Our camp site. 
A way better view than at Bonnaroo...

We were at a music festival, so we needed a flag. 
The Brits provided one of Wills and Kate. 
It was perfect. 

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