Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I loathe painting.

All of my body is sore.
Whenever I decide I don't like something unreasonable I generally stop associating with said "unreasonable" thing. However, since I've stopped interactions with the "unreasonable" thing, I forget how much and why I dislike it. Like painting. After I painted my grandmother's house I vowed to never paint walls again. I kept this up for about 2 years, but over the years I forgot how much I truly hate it. So today, I painted. It sucked. And the worst part is that I'm actually kind of good at it. Why can't I be good at things that are important??? Like French! Or cooking! The paint got everywhere and I'm sick of the color yellow, which sucks because I really like the color yellow.
After work we did on a really amazing hike. Eventually I'll post the pictures, but my feet and legs are exhausted from my extensive rock hopping. We hiked to a waterfall at the end of a canyon/ravine thing but the water was freezing. I was very tempted to jump in anyway, but we ended up not getting back until after dark so finishing the hike in wet cloths would've been awful. We also saw 1000yr old pictographs and artifacts.
Shit, I can't believe its nearly 1. No wonder I'm so exhausted. So much for reading...

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  1. hahahaha im sick of the color yellow which sucks cause i love the color yellow. you are so amusing.