Monday, July 16, 2012

The First Days

After I got to my room on Sunday morning (around 2:30am) I attempted to find wifi for a while, failed, and then went to sleep. I continued to sleep for most of actual Sunday until I was woken up by a few indian men who were trying to setup/fix my internet. After that I figured that I should probably get up and shower, since I smelled pretty bad. My shower was cold, and therefore generally unpleasant. I then went about disinfecting and setting up my room. I'm really glad that I thought to bring things to decorate with, otherwise my room would resemble more of a prison cell.
My side of my little room
I forced myself to be social and went down to dinner and sat with some people. I was very hungry and the food was so-so. Then I really just went back to my room and FaceBook chatted some before I went back to bed.
Today was much more interesting. I woke up around 7:15 to take a shower and get ready before breakfast, which is from 8-9. My shower was actually hot and it was the greatest experience I've ever had! I was social again at breakfast, but so far everyone I'd met was either in a summer program or a semester program that doesn't just wish them luck and throw them into a foreign country. At 9:30 there was an orientation down the road and I was able to walk there with some other girls.
As far as I can tell, this is how the SIP (Study in India Program) works: Different programs, similar to ISEP, send their students to the University of Hyderabad, most with a lot more info that I had. Once we're all here it doesn't really matter which program you came here with because now we're all just working with the SIP office.
We got a lot of information at orientation and after lunch we looked over the available courses for this fall. You can choose as many as you want at first, but within the next week you have to visit all the classes, sit in, and narrow it down to four. I had planned on taking Urdu as my language, but they're not actually offering it this semester. If there's enough interest they might make a class, which I really hope they do. I really have no desire to take Hindu.
After we chose our potential courses I went with some people from orientation to this place that was supposed to be like a artisan community. We got to ride in tuk-tuks to get there, but it turned out to be pretty lame. Maybe it would've been more interesting on the weekend rather than a Monday, but it was just pretty touristy with a lot of overpriced, cheap stuff. I did get a cute top though, so now I have something new to wear to my classes tomorrow.  
Fresh chicken stand with a tuk-tuk parked out front
Getting back was rough. Our tuk-tuk driver got lost a few times, so we had to sit through a lot of traffic, but I didn't really mind. Riding in tuk-tuks is just so much fun anyway, its like an amusement park ride, but real life! Theres hairpin turns and sudden stops and turns. I'm usually terrified the whole ride, but this obviously doesn't stop me from hanging my head out the side the whole time. Its also a great way to see the city and I got some pretty neat pictures.
I really like my camera
Once we got back we went right to dinner and then I went to my room to rest. I really had every intention of just laying down for a bit and then going to be social in the common room, but then I legit fell asleep...
I am looking forward to my classes tomorrow, but I'm not too happy to see my summer end so quickly. So far I have yet to see any monkeys, but I can hear wild peacocks from my window and today I actually spotted one! Its only a matter of time before I begin to harbor a menagerie in my room...

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  1. I'm so glad you made it safely! Your blog will be great. Hope you have time to keep it up! Not sure if your menagerie should include peacocks and monkeys though. Is it Friday there?