Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Viva NashVegas!!!!

I have two dogs.
My dog is Obie. He is a pitt/lab/hound mix. He is neurotic, funny, smart and thinks with his nose. He is also allergic to fleas and sometimes sees imaginary bugs in the air which he tries to bite... He is a very good dog.
Then there is Huck. Huck is my parent's full bred Golden Retriever, or more accurately, my replacement when I went off to Asia. We got him the spring of my senior year of high school and he really was the cutest puppy ever. Well its been 2 and a half years since then and Huck still thinks he is about 15lbs and can sit in everyone's lap. My parents didn't bother to train him so he barks when he is excited, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or breathing. When he's excited he also bites shirts. When Huck was 9mo old he was the average size of a 2yr old Golden Retriever.  Now that he is actually 2 and a half years old he is 115llbs of muscle. He would be an entirely different dog if he were smart, but Huck is dumb. Last summer when I first saw Up I was genuinely a little freaked out because Dug was so similar to Huck. Huck also likes balls.   Due to the tennis court and tennis playing brother at my house, we have a plethora of tennis balls. There are legitimate tennis balls and then there are Huck's tennis balls. It is not hard to distinguish between the two. A real tennis ball is fuzzy, hard and neon green. Huck's tennis balls are usually broken, neon brown, and slimy. His favorite balls are the ones that he has chewed completely bald. Huck has many nicknames, the most common being Huck-a-roo, monster-dog, and cow(because his bark can sometimes be similar to a cow).
Why am I going into so much detail about my dogs? Because I spent all of last week back in good ole' Nashville and for most of it I was alone with my animals. I got home on a Wednesday, but my mom left that Friday to go to Colorado. The following Tuesday morning my dad and brother also left for Colorado, leaving me and my animals and Sybil home all alone. My garage was quickly converted into a beer pong masterpiece, which even included a real ping pong table. I think Sybil spent every night at my house, but during the days I was incredibly bored. I, unlike all of my friends, do not have a Nashville based job, so while everyone else was out being productive I was bored as shit and left alone to endure the intense Nashville heat and humidity. I did go to the Frist Center to see an Andy Warhol exhibit that was very good. I spent a lot of time with Sybil, which was greatly needed and appreciated, and we spent all of last Friday at the quarry, which was perfect as always. Of course, the culmination of the week was the HP7 premiere. We went as a group and dressed up. I was a unicorn. It was great... minus the part when I got gorilla glue in my hair. That was not so great.
I actually was not too impressed with the HP7.2 movie. I thought it was good up until Harry died, but then it just kind of sucked. And the epilogue was just a joke! I do need to see it again though before I make my final judgement.
I'm currently back in Maryland working at Echo Hill Outdoor School and I'll be here for the next few weeks. Its good to be back and I'm ready for my schedule to get busier. Hopefully I'll be out on a trip all of next week and then its Dragonfly Heart Camp!
Visiting Nashville was fun and necesary, but I was ready to move on. I'm still not sure how my summer will be ending. Will I stay in Maryland? Go back to Utah? Or take some time in Nashville? I guess we'll just have to stay tuned to find out...
 Perfect Beer Pong Set-Up

 Snitch+Unicorn=BFFs   Duh....


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