Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The End

The alleged newcomers made good on their word and appeared Friday night. They were 2 guys and a girl from Massachusets who were making their way across the country after graduating. On Friday night a friend of Danny's and his girlfriend also came down from Salt Lake City for the weekend, so the house was once again full. it was decided not to go to Arches again, but that we would go to Canyonlands on Sunday, which I was very excited about.
On Saturday we just hiked around the canyon rim, but to get to it we had to drive up this incredibly steep and narrow road. It was mostly unpleasant, but probably more so for the people in the back of the truck. We went to several different ruine sites and after a while we decided to go to a lake. We went back to a lake in a state park thats very pretty and fairly secluded. This time the water wasn't nearly as freezing and Danny's friend was able to catch 8 trout. We got back to the house and just hung around while the coals in the fire were burning (we grilled the trout and pork). I went to bed right after dinner, which was close to midnight.
On Sunday we woke up late and decided to try to go to Canyonlands on Monday. Instead we just hung at a different lake all day, which was perfect. We brought out the kayaks and canoes and stayed there until a storm started to roll in.
Monday brought another day of late sleeping, so by the time we got up it was already too late for us to go to Canyonlands, which was disappointing. It was the only nearby National Park that I didn't make it to.  Instead we went back to the place in the canyon with the incredible pictographs and then we returned to the midden heap and looked for more pottery shards. Two of the guys found arrowheads, which inspired us all to really try and get one for ourselves. I, of course, was not lucky enough to find one. On the way back to the ranch was stopped by some other ruines that we had been to before so we could show the new group. Just as I was walking along I saw what looked like a claw under a bush near the ledge. I picked it up and thought it was just part of a skeleton although the rest of it wasn't around. I called up to Danny and asked if this place had ever been professionally excavated, and he said it hadn't. When I showed him what I found he said that it was a talon or claw pendant that was at least 1000 years old. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Its without a doubt one of the coolest things I've ever found, including that driftwood/oyster shell from the Chesapeake. We went back to the house and got a snack and changed, then Danny's friend left and we all loaded up into the truck and went to some guys house were we could get a good view of a local firework show. The house was about an hour away, but it was tons of fun. The owner was very nice, although a bit of a gun fanatic. Danny's neighbors Bill and Bob also came, who turned out to be quite characters. Right after we got there we decided to go to a nearby river to swim. Joe and I rode an ATV to it. The ride was longer than expected and incredibly dusty, but it was fun. The river we went to ended up being at the bottom of this absolutely gorgeous canyon. Unfortunately I didn't think to bring my camera, but everyone said it looked like whats in Zion National Park. We expected the river to be freezing since the water was just snow melt, but it was actually warmer than the lakes we were at. I hated that we hadn't spent all day there and that I was leaving soon so I couldn't go back. On the ride back Joe and I got to take the lead, and with my fabulous sense of direction we raced back to the house without going under 40mph once. Then we just hung around the house and talked and ate pizza and snakcs until the fireworks began. We got to talking to Bill and Bob and they are really something else. They're in their 60s, twins, and are both ex-military special ops. They have incredible stories, but both alos happen to believe that it was aliens, not the Anasazi, who left all the pictographs and such in the canyons. To say the least, the conversation was anything but boring. The little town of Dove Creek put on a very elaborate firework show for being so small. It really was a very great day, however it ended on a shitty note. After the fireworks were over we began to clean up and round up the dogs, we realized that Jack, the confused spaz dog, was missing. We spent a good hour looking absolutely everywhere for him, but we were in the middle of farm land and he seemed to be no where. We ended up having to leave without him, with the reassurance that the guy who owned the house would call if he showed up. It was a very sad trip home.
Danny left early Tuesday morning to take Joe to Green River so he could catch a train to Chicago. I woke up about 9 and began to pack since Danny and I planned to leave early and stay the night in Durango. After several hours passed Danny still wasn't back. I kind of began to worry, but he showed up eventually with a very happy companion. The guy called to say that Jack showed up at his front door, so Danny went to pick him up on his way back to the ranch. I had hoped thats why it was taking him so long to get back, but I honestly didn't want to get disappointed. Jacks a dumb and submissive dog, but also happy and lovable. Jack basically fell out of the car and started half running around, half flopping on his back to kick his legs in the air. It was a very happy scene.
Now I've got to get on this damn plane that will take me back down south. I'll write about my last night out west later.
I would also like to end this post by saying Panda Express should not be allowed to be categorized as food. That is all.

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