Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lake Powell

Alas, it is yet another Tuesday so I'm going to try and update before I begin drinking too heavily.
Last week ended well. On Thursday we did a full day of weeding, which was actually fairly therapeutic. I didn't know I would receive so much pleasure in killing things, even if they were only plants. It was hot and I got pretty badly sunburned because I'm an idiot and did wear sun screen, but the worst part was the bugs. We all came out with about a million bug bites. Its not even mosquitoes, they were just dusty-weed-bugs. With only five WWOOFers we make painstakingly slow progress, but after we were done for the day Danny ordered some type of mechanized weed pulling things, so those are due to be arriving soon. As I said, Saturday was Danny's birthday, so on Friday we didn't actually do any weeding because it had rained and the bugs were just too bad, so we cleaned the house and packed up to go to Lake Powell. Also, another friend of Danny's drove up Friday, so our number grew to 7. We left the house about 7 for a 3 hour drive, so we didn't get to the campsite until at least 11:30, but we didn't pick one until after midnight. Obviously, it was dark outside so we couldn't really tell much about the site we had picked, only that it was closer to the main road than we would have liked, but it seemed far enough away from other people that we wouldn't disturb them. As we unpacked we started drinking. Music was also being played. I am an old woman and was exhausted, so I went to bed about 11 I think. Danny and I took an adventure up a nearby mountain/hill thing, and I'm not sure if 11 was before or after we got back.
Anyway, on Saturday when we got up we discovered that everyone haf continued to party straight until dawn. Swimming and kayaking was involved. Upon waking we also discovered that our site was actually much closer to other people and later in the day we found out that several of our neighbors had contemplated leaving at some point in the night. Oops... In short, I spent my saturday swimming, laying in the sun, and jet skiing around gorgeous cliffs and views.
Several of us, those of us who stayed up the whole previous night drinking, also stayed very well lubricated/drunk all of Saturday. Due to various reasons, I was again exhausted on Saturday night and I PTFOed before dinner was even done cooking. However, everyone else only partied until about 12 or 1, so I didn't miss out on too much. Danny and I woke up around 9 on Sunday and after finding that there was no edible food to be found, we went out to a nice breakfast at a small restaurant over looking the canyon and lake. I bought donut holes for everyone else, although they were still all asleep when we got back, but they were greatly appreciated. It was about midday at this time and everyone was still just kind of getting up and slowly moving to leave, so Danny and I took a legitimate adventure up a very large butte/mesa. I have pictures. It was incredible. And the wind was so strong that if I was any smaller I might have actually been knocked off my feet.
I felt kind of bad, but by the time we got back everything was already packed and we pretty much just went ahead and took off. Once we got off the main highway I rode in the back of the truck with the dogs and a Scotsman, and the views were once again fabulous.
For some unGodly reason we started drinking again once we got back to the house and we were all completely gone by 11. So Monday was a recovery day for the weekend and Sunday. I've also officially moved into Danny's room with him, so thats been interesting to say the least.
Today we worked on the cabin a bit, but I had to go to town in the afternoon. However, I did finally get my new debit card, so hopefully my bank woes are over. Here are pictures:

Lake Powell from the top of the butte/messa. On Sunday it was a bit overcast.

Another view from the top. If I could tag this I'd show you our campsite. 

The butte/messa from half way up. 
There are several drops and severe inclines not very visible in the picture

From the ride back.

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